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Field Measurement Services

  • Measurement
  • Inspection
  • Alignment

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Large Part Inspection

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Laser Tracker Wind Turbine

Small / Detailed Part Inspection

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Laser Scanning

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Laser Tracker Wind Turbine

Scanning Wind Turbine Blades

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Reverse Engineering

Portable / High Precision / 3D Measurement Solutions

Industrail Measurement Services, Inc. supports a broad customer base with their precision measurement needs.   Using the latest 3D measuring instruments including laser trackers, articulating arms, and laser scanners, we offer contracted services to the aerospace, defense, power generations, machine shops, and other industries that have critical tolerances.  

Most of our portable coordinate measuring machines (PCMMs) are laser based because lasers offer the speed, accuracy, and reliability that todays manufacturing companies require. With over 20 years of experience in precision measurement, you will be confident in the solution we provide!

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Industrial Measurement Services, Inc.
Temecula, CA