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Let Our Professionals Do the Job… or Just Rent the Equipment

How Long is Your Project?
The duration of your project will determine the most cost effective solution.

Short Term:
On Site Measurement Services

Our experienced metrology professionals will come to your site equipped with the tools they need to perform a wide range of measurement, engineering, or building / assembly tasks.

Long Term: FARO Arm Rental, Laser Tracker Rental, and Training:
IMS will proved the equipment, training, software and support that your operator needs to be successful.

On-Site Measurement Services Include:
  • Mechanical Alignment - Real time alignment of rollers, bearings, drive shafts, or any other mechanical component.
  • Part Inspect - Compare parts to CAD Models, Prints, or even other parts.
  • Reverse Engineer / Digitize - Create a CAD Model from measurements
  • Surface Profile Scanning - Compare 5 Axis contoured surfaces to CAD Models.
  • Laser Scanning - Collection Millions of 3D points to create surfaces and CAD Models.
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FARO Arm Inspection
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Hydro Electric Turbine - The Stator is checked for roundness to ensure clearance with the rotor.
Part Inspection - Hole locations are mapped to the CAD Model.
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Industrial Measurement Services, Inc.
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