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Laser Tracker Rental Program

Weekly, Monthly, or Long Term Laser Tracker Rentals and Leases

Emergency / Short Term Rentals
Long Term / Cost Effective Leases

The IMS laser tracker rental program is a cost effective way to add laser tracker capabilities to your company without the initial upfront cost of purchasing a system. Each tracker rental includes our 24 Hour Technical Support to answer application questions and keep your job on schedule. Get the most from your rental with the IMS Certified Laser Tracker Training class.
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The IMS rental program offers access to the latest equipment and training with no long term financial commitment.

A Solution for Customers who:

  • Have a Short Term or Periodic need for Equipment
  • Temporarily require additional Capacity
  • Equipment is in for Calibration
  • Waiting for Capital Budget
  • Evaluate the Latest Model

Rental provides you with flexibility.
  • No long term commitment
  • We handle maintenance and calibration
  • Use the latest equipment
  • Only pay for equipment when you need it

API Laser Tracker, Faro Laser Tracker, and Leica Laser Tracker Training.
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