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Industrial Measurement Services (IMS) offers Basic Training Classes as well as advanced, application specific training for your particular measurement task. Classes are available for most of the industry leading softwares, and based on your specific need, we will recommend the best solution. The IMS training program is designed to get users familiar with the equipment and become productive in a short period of time. If you are renting equipment from us, recently purchased new equipment, or have had personnel turnover, IMS will help your operators be productive.

When it comes to training - we literally "wrote the book". Having worked for the OEM for over 15 years, we have trained hundreds of operators, written training manuals, and developed curriculums with exercises that are typical for each industry we serve.

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The Basic Training Class is a three day comprehensive course that builds a foundation to get you started in metrology and may be taken for a Laser Tracker, or a measurement Arm. Additional days may be necessary for complex projects. The Basic Training Class will provide an understanding of all key aspects of hardware operation, including best practices, maximizing accuracy, and developing workflow.

Advanced Training Class is a custom curriculum that includes the tools used in a specific industry or for a specific type of application. These classes are geared toward medium to advanced level users that want to expand their knowledge. Your curriculum will be developed based the students background, complexity of the job, number of students, and the software needed to complete the job.

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Training Topics Include
  • Setup and Equipment Checks
  • Coordinate Systems
  • Reference Systems
  • Temperature Scaling
  • Inspection to Print
  • Inspection to CAD
  • Alignment and Building
  • Repetitive/Periodic Inspection
  • Reverse Engineering
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