Composite Tool Measurements

  • Surface Profile Mapping
  • Part to Tool Comparison
  • CAD Comparison
  • Scribe Line Measurements

Laser Tracker Model X
Aerospace Tooling Metrology

Large Part Measurement

  • Surface Profile Mapping
  • CAD Comparison
  • True Position of Holes
  • Scribe Line Measurements

Part Inspection Laser Tracker
CAD Model Laser Tracker

Assembly Tooling Fixture Inspection

  • Periodic / Annual Inspections
  • Set up / Level Fixtures
  • Metrology Support for Repairs
  • Write Templates for Repeat Inspections

Faro Laser Tracker
Faro Wing Tool Model

Satellite Metrology

  • Antennae Profile Mapping
  • Optical Alignment
  • Test Fixtures
  • Anechoic Chamber Work (See Scientific)

Laser Tracker Test Chamber