Measurement Arm Rentals

Measurement Arms are portable Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs) that are great for measuring smaller parts, typically a few inches to a few feet.  When used with a laser tracker, Arms can expand your capabilities by measuring beyond the line of sight, or use a point probe to measure tiny details and scribe lines. The optional laser scanner adds non-contact point cloud scanning capabilities.

We offer Faro Arm Rentals for Weekly, Monthly or long term leases.   A trained operator is necessary to rent equipment.  Training is available, or we could come to your facility to contract the work.

FARO Arm Rentals

  • When your equipment is out for calibration or repair
  • Evaluate new technology
  • Short Term projects
  • Try before you buy

Equipment List

FARO HD Blue Laser Scanner

HDBlu Laser Scanners

The HD Blue Laser Scanner adds high accuracy, non-contact point cloud scanning to the arm.


Verisurf Software

Industrial Measurement Services, Inc. is an authorized dealer for Verisurf Software and Training.   We also offer software keys with our equipment rentals.   The video below demonstrates some of this powerful software’s capabilities.